Rules of conduct in the laundry room

Boligforeningen Copenhgen 2015

Rules of conduct in the laundry room

At the Chamber Board 12.4. 2016


The reservation and the usage of washing machines:

  • Your reservation for a washing machine is stopped if the washing machine has not begun within 15 min.

 The Dryer:

  • Is reserved the person who has the reservation for the washing machine.
  • Usage of the dryer outside one's own reservation is not allowed unless, the person who has the reservation has given permission to do so. That is according to when one's reservation has ended. The dryer can be used until the next residents' reservation for washing, but only until this person must use the dryer.

Conventional washing rules:

  • It is not allowed to take other people's clothes out of the washing machine, unless the washing time is exceeded.
  • It calls for the machines to be emptied when they are finished, so that others might get a "chance to use the washing machine".
  • If the entire washing time is not used, please delete one's reservation, so that others can benefit from it.

Janitorial order:

  • It calls for dirty clothes not be set to storage in bags and the like in the laundry room. This also applies to other effects.
  • The blue wash baskets should be emptied after washing, so they are available to the next washing reservation.
  • If the blue wash baskets are not emptied, the contents will be placed ln black bags. If the clothes is not collected within14 days, it will subsequently be placed in the big outdoor waste container.
  • The blue washing basket must remain in the laundry room and must not be taken into one's private dorm.
  • Please keep the large table free and clean to put clothes together.
  • Please clean the filter in the dryer after each usage.
  • Machines are to be wiped off for soap residue.
  • In general it is called for common tidying, order and usage of disposed waste basket.
  • Magazines, newspapers or the effects can be laid on the white board, for free usage for other residents.